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Writing Opportunity

Blog for our #livecozy Cozy Lifestyle Community. 

Cozy Intentions features Brand new and comfortable seasoned writers. Article assignments are paid $40 CAN per post with growth opportunity.

Editorial Guidelines:

  • We would love to see your previous work. Please link to past blog posts you have written (if you have written before) although we do love to support new writers, so please don’t be shy!
  • Get to know us and our brand. 
If you have no idea about Cozy Intentions or our mission - please take the time to review our social media, or send us an email with your questions before submitting your article.
  • New Material Only. 
Our intention is authentic work that was written for our Cozy Intentions Community.

Our topics evolve around the theme of Living a Cozy Lifestyle (while being a strong empowering woman!) Tips & tools to create calm in your life while wearing multiple hats throughout your day. 

  • Mindfulness.
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Money/Finances
  • Health/Wellness tips
  • Cooking - recipes
  • Home Decor
  • Sleep tips
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Home-based businesses

Submit a blog topic (Mindfulness. Meditation, Yoga, etc)


The first step is to get your article topic approved. Be sure that you submit your idea and get clarity from us first, as we don’t want you to you work hard on something that doesn’t align with our present needs. The submission form below is where you submit your topic for review. Please give your proposal some thought before hitting submit. We’ll get back to you generally within 4 weeks. If it’s a yes, we’ll also include some information about the scope, any specific format for you to use, and other editorial recommendations, along with deadlines and details. If you have multiple ideas on what to write please only choose your best idea to submit. You could always submit again after 3 months.