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The Beginning of Cozy Intentions

The Beginning of Cozy Intentions

The concept of my business began after a hard stress filled day, my only thoughts revolved around wanting to return home and change into something comfortable. Looking at the mismatched array of my pyjamas- It was clear I needed something more appropriate for sleeping but also wanting something I could wear out for simple errands on those rushed mornings. After discussing this moment with female friends, they all agreed that at the end of the day they cannot wait to return home and change into something cozy. (Or spend days wearing something cozy.) With pencil and paper in hand, I began to sketch my idea of perfect sleepwear. Months Of research turned into creating clothing that is Eco-friendly, soft to the skin, no buttons strings or tags, moisture wicking, temperature regulating (night sweats ladies) and easy to care for - just wash in cold and hang or tumble dry. We have two types of fabric - the heathered navy, red, white, black and ginger rose is made of Bamboo Jersey fabric, and the other is a poly blend tech fabric made from recycled pop bottles (so cool! and so soft!) Keep your eye on the colours as they're released.  All of my designs are Made in Canada partnering with  local manufacturers  supporting our local economy. 

Considering my own personal desires, I began to wonder about other women, women in the most desperate of situations, women who’s hard days made mine feel like a walk in the park. Contacting a local Womens domestic violence shelter, I asked about their needs. With such a large list, we came to the conclusion that financial donations was the best route to go, allowing them to allocate where best to support basic necessities or projects required for the clients of the shelters. Five percent of the profits for retail and wholesale orders will help fund these projects. Cozy Intentions really is about women supporting women. While Strength and Bravery Define Who You Are...Comfort and Peace is What You Need.

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