DEI Policy


Cozy Intentions Clothing, and our #LIVECOZY LIFESTYLE core message and mission is rooted in creating moments of comfort for all who wear the designs as well as those charitable organizations that we chose to support. As the owner of this company, and a member of the BIPOC Community, Tracy has always been about the importance of inclusion. As this company grows, we will do the due diligence necessary to setting the standards for equality in gender, race, and sexual orientation. 

Below is our statement and commitment to doing the best in business and the way the company and future staff/affiliates operate. This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated, revised, and improved as we continuously learn.



Committing that by 8/1/2020 a DEI consultant to help with:


Photos on our websites and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) will include BIPOC and people who are part of marginalized communities, in order to make sure that we are communicating that this is a space where all are welcomed and served.

Add a DEI statement to the About section of the Cozy Intentions website.

Commit to a diversified team of staff, contractors, manufacturing partners, models and influencers. 


We will do more to showcase our Brand Ambassadors and commit to making sure that we create spotlights on our members of colour and members who are part of marginalized communities:


Vetting of all sponsors and event collaborators will include a requirement to provide information about the percentage of BIPOC on their leadership teams. A commitment on their part to hiring people of colour will be required.

Small sponsors whose businesses are family-owned or teams of less than 5, will be required to share their DEI policy/ initiatives so we can understand how they’re doing better. 

Partners who extend an invitation to Tracy (Owner of Cozy Intentions) to speak, will be asked about the percentage of BIPOC who are spotlighted on their podcast, panels, keynotes, blogs, etc. and Tracy will only accept the invitation if people of colour are included.

Service providers, educational resources, communities/groups we join as a company (as well as Tracy as an individual) will be vetted for diversity, equity, and inclusion before we sign on with them.